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"A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet"
You're Going To Learn:
The Health Benefits Of CBD Oil For Your pets
Hemp and its naturally occurring compounds have been used for centuries to support balance in the body and we're going to show you all of the amazing ways your pet can benefit from hemp oil based products, such as Bailey's CBD Oil
Not All hemp based pet products are created equal!
There are important distinctions to be aware of when choosing a hemp based product for your pet. We're going to show you what to look for, and break down why Bailey's is going to be the best option for your pet. 
How Much CBD oil
Should I give my pet? 
And How Often?
In this guide we break down for you our veterinarian recommended guidelines in accordance with the standards of Dr. Robert J. Silver. This is important to be aware of, since you want to make sure that the Hemp products you give your pet are going to be effective, and you also want to make sure that you are giving it to them frequent enough. 

Here's What Our Customers Think:

Philomena The Pug
Philomena loves her Bailey's, because it helps with inflammation and keeps her full of energy to play all day!

Russel The Pug
We give Russell the Bailey's oil daily to be proactive in his long term health.

JJ & Jayla
We put 4 drops on their meals, twice daily, and they have been doing great with it!

Becky & Charlie
In just a couple of weeks we’ve already seen a difference in his anxiety. He is not nearly as grouchy with his brother Finn and much more playful!

Becky L 
I absolutely love Bailey's! Its cost effecient and helps both of my dogs. They love the bacon flavor as well.

Becky L 
Vinny & Bear
"Bear is an interesting animal with his own quirks and aggressive behavior. He's a much better dog, and he seems to be more active in his older age."
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